Murder, Rapes, Violence, Drugs-related assassinations, etc, etc. Mexico and its exaggerated waves of violence.

Mexico is not a kindergarten for gang members, it is very well populated by strong cartels, yes that's true. But to our knowledge, New York, L.A, Montreal, Toronto, Miami, and about any major city in the world all have their gangs, each as violent as the other one.


Esteban Loggo

2/9/2022 3 min read

If you have taken a trip to Mexico in the last 2 decades, there is a strong possibility that some of your friends have looked at you and wondered if you felt safe before leaving or have blatantly asked if you saw any violence while you were sipping your mojito on the beach upon your return?

Of course, urban legends are rampant regarding Mexico, the politicians are not acting strongly enough, not solving the problem, the country is uneducated and poor to the bone. It is nearly impossible to find an article that is published in any North American news outlet that would depict Mexico as a great and nice country. We all heard those stories now, should we believe those?


It is very well populated by strong cartels, yes that's true. But to our knowledge, New York, L.A, Montreal, Toronto, Miami, and about any major city in the world all have their gangs, each as violent as the other one.

Mexican cartels make excellent Hollywood movies and Netflix series, by looking at those, we can only think that by landing a plane on the tarmac there will be some guy with dark shades waiting for us in the parking awaiting to rip us up in pieces. Well, those make excellent stories. In the dictionary, “story” is defined as an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. Entertainment is the important word here, those stories you hear on the news are entertainment! Fabricated stories to sell page views and copies of articles.

You can walk the streets of many countries and many cities, question people, and quiz them about the violence and the murder and they will probably answer that they never saw anything in person, heard a single gunshot, or seen anyone ever get robbed.

Now, how do real actual foreigners feel about living in the supposed war zone that you hear about in the news? Well, being a foreigner, myself living in Mexico for several years, I can only say that although some "stories" are quite nice to hear, there is very little action going on for normal people minding their business and avoiding drug and weapons dealing.

Like in your country today, there are criminals, they usually work together to do crime stuff, they don't just look for tourists on the beach to target practice with the latest weapon they just purchased.

Lately, the Cancun area was highly pointed out as a hotbed for those cartel issues, some people have lost their lives while spending time in well-known resorts. This can be scary but when you do math’s 6 people get shot in the Cancun area on 15 million which means 0.0000004 % of visitors landing in that pristine area.

Will this kind of statistics deter you from going to a country so rich in culture, people, and fun because of entertainment?

The main thing that Mexico doesn't lack is freedom! Freedom of choice when it comes to enjoying your life. Therefore, so many people choose Mexico on top of so many destinations when it's time to decide on your retirement or vacation gateway. If you are unsure about the security of Mexico, come see it by yourself spend a week or a month and remember that 0.0000004 % unlucky statistic.

Our recommendations would be the same as being in any major city:

  • At night, avoid walking alone outside

  • Use a taxi that is official for the area you are in

  • Do not flash your jewelry outside of your resort or your home

  • Stay with a group if you can.

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During the daytime, life is much the same as in any other place too and the same conditions apply. to increase your security, learn the language and the culture, learn about the hot areas to avoid, and really do avoid them; As the old saying goes, if you are really looking for trouble, you will probably find it one day!

Do yourself a favor and please do not cave into those idiotic propaganda depictions of entertainment. If you decide to discriminate against Mexico, do it for other reasons, like the algae that wash on the beaches a couple of days a year, the lack of English waiters in some restaurants if you please but please not about the security.

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