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Mexconnections can simplify your life in many aspects. Having someone you can rely on is sometimes very useful when you are overseas or need something done in a language you might not master very well. Each service listed on this page can be dealt with in English, French, or Spanish.


Your Local Caribbean's Property is often an investment you can't look after 365 days a year. We can support you in case you need to have someone nearby. We do not offer any cleaning services but will gladly refer to proper people to take care of those chores and check after the work is done to ensure it will match your quality expectations.

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We can be your eyes and ears and have regular checks for you and inform you of any changes in the property or if some maintenance needs to be performed after violent storms, etc.

Oversight: We can oversee some manual work on your property and refer to you competent professionals at reasonable costs.

Property Sale/Preparation: If you are busy up north, you can request that we prepare your house or condo for a listing by a real estate agent. We can also assist if the buyers need additional information on some specifics that you want us to convey while visits occur.

Drone Fly-By: A property price tag can significantly be affected by the attention to detail the seller is putting into place. We have a good drone pilot at an excellent price who provides 4K output videos so your property can shine next to the beach or jungle and show your buyers how great of a spot you are offering for sale.

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3D Printing

Sometimes, negotiating with a contractor, buying or selling something in a foreign language can lead to a lot of misunderstanding and frustration. Being foreigners, we have come to understand the Mexican way of doing things and learned how to make sure deals are made in your best interest. We often help foreigners by taking your side in negotiations, so you are not disadvantaged. Negotiations can be done without you while you are still home or with you while you are in the country of Mexico. Having some local backup often means you have the upper hand.

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Corporate Setup

There are many intricate details about opening a corporation in Mexico. If you wish to establish yourself in the Quintana Roo area and are unsure of the process you will need to accomplish, we will gladly help steer you in the right direction.

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Construction Permits

Navigating the ins and out of construction in Mexico can troublesome. Mexconnections can support you and skip the waiting lines and headaches you might need to go through if you try this yourself. Speak your language and get things done faster with someone local to serve your best interests.

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Photos and Digital Artwork

Bringing you a photographer from Canada or the USA is sometimes not practical or will incur excessive fees that you might not want to afford.

Mexconnections has the right contacts in terms of videographers and photographs that speak French English and will make your experience much more appreciable.

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Video Shooting and Editing

Video shooting and editing is a specialty; some very professional now resides in the area and can complement their income with some occasional mandate. These video artists will deliver excellent content should you need videos for your next commercial, influencing campaign, or marriage.

Video shooting is accomplished with light gear and DSLR as larger camera rigs are hard to maintain in the tropics and near the ocean.

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Photo Shooting and Editing

There are hundreds of reasons why you might want a professional photoshoot. You are an influencer who needs that perfect shot, you are going to marry the love of your life, or you want to eternalize an anniversary sitting facing the loveliest sunset ever. The Quintana Roo area can be the view you are looking for from many aspects. White sand, turquoise waters, exceptional blue skies, just let your imagination decide.

Your wedding is a critical moment, and you sure want to have a great connection with your photographer! We have great photographs that can immortalize your journey. The professionals we can refer to you will clearly understand and establish your plan for the shots you want to take home with you.

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The Quintana Roo area has seen a real estate boom in the last few years. Promoters are increasingly using 3D printed scale models to showcase their buildings in realistic setups. This gives a better overview of the overall project to the buyers; our specialists can also mimic the sunrise and nightfall to inform better the buyers of the lighting their apartment or house will receive.

Nowadays, 3D specialists can recreate any plastic part for mold or small production with the help of 8K resin printer. These parts can save the day compared to waiting for months for a spare piece. Our connections in the Quintana Roo area have already provided multiple pars for boating enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, car customizers, etc.

If you need high-quality 3D printing, make sure to let us know so we can direct you on the right track.

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