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In this blog we explain the advantages of coming to Mexico and receive Surgeries at a much better price. Mexico is now a cutting edge country with plenty of Doctors with equal qualifications tot heir North American Counter Part.


Mexican Connections

1/28/2022 3 min read

When it comes to surgeries, a name that keeps on surfacing is Mexico, along with Medical Tourism.

It has been a long-lasting rumor that Mexico lacked the medical equipment and doctors' knowledge to rival their further north counterpart. This time is well overdue, and urban legends are well behind us. Many people are looking for better alternatives to the high-priced operating rooms clinics of the US, UK, France, and Canada.

In fact, doctors are now on par with knowledge and, in many cases, surpass the equipment, and latest techniques offered up north and oversee.


On the other hand, prices are way different; they permit most people additional care and even a few weeks of vacations to recover from their surgery in a discreet environment. It is now possible to land in Mexico near the Cancun area and get your surgery away from people's eyes and get back home with next to nothing showing when your family will pick you back up at the airport when you get home. Only a slight glimmer in your eye and the expression on their face seems that will suggest that something is different with your look.


The Cancun, Playa Del Carmen & Tulum are ideal for your recovery. They are a few steps from the ocean, always sunny and warm, and quite affordable. Getting nurses and home support is also relatively inexpensive, and care is given by excellent caring personnel. Playa Del Carmen offers the best of all choices, cheaper rooms, great doctors, and world-class internet should you need to work remotely.


It is becoming common for Canadians and Americans to get consultants like to establish their treatment plans in English or French with Mexican doctors. By acting as a bridge, we create a fully organized experience in which pretty much all aspects of the trip and surgery are already planned well before you leave your country of origin. We also serve as translators for the whole duration of the recovery and before you enter the operating room if you need any support with the Spanish language.


A wide range of treatments is available by Mexican clinics. If you have been shopping around, you already should know that pricing in the US, Canada, and European countries does not rival the ones offered in Mexico.

Here is a few sample pricing to consider when you do your research.
  • Breast augmentation ~$3700

  • Breast lifting without implants ~$3700

  • Breast lifting with implants ~$4700

  • Liposuction ~$4000

  • Liposuction plus abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) ~$7000

  • Upper eyelid (blepharoplasty) ~$1300

  • Lower eyelid (blepharoplasty) ~$1300

  • Upper & lower eyelid (blepharoplasty) ~$2000

  • Facelift in the clinic ~$3750

  • Facelift in the hospital ~$4,500

  • Necklift ~$2000

  • Otoplasty ~$2000

  • Lobuloplasty ~$350

  • Botox application $6 per unit

  • Filler (range 350-550)

COVID-19 and Sanitary Measures

Since 2019 choices in regard to vaccines have been in the spotlight. People are willing and sometimes not to get vaccinated for many reasons, and their choice is sometimes not respected by their homeland governments. Mexico has adopted a more relaxed stance and has kept its borders open since the beginning of the pandemic. For sure, this liberty of choice is enough to choose Mexico for your next trip, No testing upon entry or exit as long as your country does not require it.


Local governments in many countries are quick to overlook Mexico and call it a third-world country where critters are crawling in operating rooms. These governments spend lots of energy protecting the medical system, which is their job. Unfortunately for them, nowadays, with the free-flowing information available on the web, this propaganda is quickly dying.

Now tourists can enjoy a much more comprehensive range of treatment for friendlier rates that open great opportunities for both the surgeons and the clients.

Lower rates often mean that one or two additional treatments can be included within the same price you usually pay while in your country.

To ensure you benefit from a great vacation coupled with any treatments you might have in mind, make sure to discuss with Liza of, who can significantly guide you in your next Medical Vacation.

Lisa is a Canadian living in Mexico for several years. She is well familiar with medical procedures and can point in the right direction for any medical specialists who can improve your life.

Liza while posing for a bikini and doing yoga in Playa Del Carmen


Mexico is not only a vacation paradise anymore; it is now becoming the #1 medical tourism destination worth considering. Happy traveling and body upgrading!

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