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Get familiar with Immigration fast track in Mexico, and how to avoid getting stuck in a time limited stay.


Esteban Loggo

2/6/2022 4 min read

How to save time and become a Permanent Resident of Mexico on your next vacation

Reasons to change your residency could be numerous and various. Of course, these days, with Covid Pandemic, the fact that you can choose or not to be vaccinated is enough for some to want to change their country of residency and evolve into a pro-choice environment when it comes to vaccines is a determining factor.

Mexico was long considered the black sheep of North America because it is, in fact, in North America and not in South America. Things change over time, and big names such as Costco and Walmart have made their entry into the Country for many years, giving us access to more and more products we can find on the shelves of Canada and the US. Regular flights depart mainly every day to the main airports from Cancun, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. For example, if you are from Montreal, you are a mere four hours away from home in case of a family emergency, making it about the same as flying from Vancouver. Some people would easily consider living abroad and have the luxury to fly back for a few business meetings and some family gatherings.


A town such as Tulum has soared to its limit in terms of sustainability, with 1000's digital nomads siping their beers on each free inch of beaches and terraces. Limitations imposed by the Mexican Government on tourists were very relaxed until the pandemic made it a haven for all the freelancers looking for an accessible gateway with no entry CPR test and cheap food, rent, and booze. This would eventually toll the sewer and aquifer systems, which needed to be reconfigured to allow everyday activities.

It was quite easy for many years to show up at the airport and get a 180 days tourist visa stamped on your visa card without any questions. In today's world, this is not so easy anymore as some people report getting only a 10 days or 30 days visa stamp, and this again without any questions asked about their date of return. The logic of these restrictions is still unclear; deter people from exaggerating, collecting overdue fees, setting the tome for future travels, etc. Some Mexican policies are not so clear, and immigration is undoubtedly one that can hold that title. One thing is for sure, the Mexican Government is not opening its borders freely anymore. There is a possibility that the influx of migrants from Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Sal Vador has something to do with it. Still, one thing is for sure, it is getting harder to stay in Mexico for extended periods.


What used to be a worry-free problem can quickly become an issue that would transform that nice vacation extension you thought would only represent rescheduling your flight home ticket.

Of course, with the right connections and some dollars, you can get that process taken care of by a local specialist who will meet you at your Airbnb or resort to take the needed steps in your name and solve the issue. This will often result in getting you a 180 days extension so you can have ample time to visit the country and enjoy the beaches, bars, and excellent food that Mexico has to offer. You can use cryptocurrencies to cover most of the costs of your immigration process by asking people to support you with the process.


You have been to Mexico, shopped around for a fantastic place to rent or buy, and are no longer interested in leaving? This has happened to many of us, foreigners who simply fell in love with the freedom given by that beautiful country. If this is your case, a few options can be offered to you; some take place from within Mexico, while others have to be taken care of from your homeland.

The temporary residency will let you in the country for up to four years without the need to leave but will impose a few limits on your possibilities. The main one is that you cannot work or open a business in the country and will eventually have to leave within 4 years. You will be able to open a bank account get a driver's license.

Permanent residency is attainable and will let you enjoy many of the benefits born Mexicans enjoy, such as opening a corporation, working, buying, and developing lands. It will also remove forever the need to leave the country at a date you might not be choosing yourself when you arrive in the country (immigration agents can decide to let you in for 1 up to 180 days, Remember!)

Did you know you can pay immigration services with cryptocurrencies?

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In that case, you should speak to a specialist such as, who regularly works with tourists or people looking at a fast track entry into the country. Of course, this comes at a higher cost but will get you ready to go in no time.

In fact, mexconnections can set you up with several time-saving resources for your next trip to Mexico, either for business relations, Surgery procedures you would like to perform while vacationing, or replacing that denture with a full line of shiny white crowns. By having access to time-tested resources, you usually save big bucks, time, and energy looking and shopping around and are taken care of by result-oriented people who know your clientele's value.


Mexico is undoubtedly a great place to spend your time and money, work, and enjoy life, and there are good ways of making this easy for you.

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