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You might have a 1000 reasons to want to live somewhere else, If you are from Canada, USA or in a jurisdiction where you feel you have given enough and would like to change for a country with great people, decent costs of living, awesome food, and great possibilities. Mexico is definitely worth considering. Riviera Maya is a great spot for your next vacation or for Medical Tourism search no more, and ask us for some free introductions to our group of doctors and health specialists. Just open the discussion and lets start your journey!

Did you know you can pay in crypto?

We understand exactly what you are going thru. We been there before and decided that the time had come to open new horizon, live a freer life and enjoy life instead of rules and regulations. We are now helping people like you change for the better.

Mexico is now a modern country with High-speed internet and lots of great possibilities for Permanent residents. Fast track your residency by reaching out to us. We have the best contacts to help you live under the Mexican sun in no time.

Tired of:

  • Cold Weather

  • Lack of liberties

  • Taxes

  • Government policies

  • Lockdowns

  • Infinite Rules

  • High Cost of Living

  • Medicare Delays

man in gray jacket and black pants walking on snow covered road during daytime

Mexico Offers:

  • Best Weather

  • Plenty of liberties

  • No or Low Taxes

  • Little Policies

  • No-Lockdowns

  • Easy access to medication

  • Cheaper Life-Style

  • Low cost medicare/Surgeries

Don't Fall for Rumours,

Mexico Offers Cheaper Surgeries For same quality

We can connect you and assist you with language translation with:
  • Great Surgeons

  • Dentists

  • Dental Crown Specialists

  • Checkups

  • IRM's

  • Radio Therapy

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Here's what our customers say

I had a hard time going thru the Immigration process of Mexico and wanted to stay here for good after leaving Brazil. Mexconnections, Liza and Esteban made it easy to find a way for me to remain in the long term. Gracias amigos!

- Emmanuel D

Immigration green card in less than a week, this is madly efficient services, highly recommend.

- Joe B

I came from Russia and met Esteban for a crypto exchange and ended up applying for a permanent residency and got it so quick! These people have great contacts for everything you might need, Everything!

- Otto Y

Doctor P was simply the best I could wish for, Liza sat with us the whole time and translated the process, she was with me on day of the surgery and upon waking up from anesthesia. Cheers to you Liza and your partner Esteban who took great care until I left Playa.

Stephanie V

"We spoke while I was still in Canada and they had everything prepared for me for my stay, the recovery the doctors and the nurse (Thank you Maria) that took care of me for the 3 weeks after surgery. Liza is the best in terms of being human and relaying the information and making me feel at home while I was not. Thanks, guys!"

- Anabelle A

"These guys know their stuff"

- Tom C

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